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The Aby Bloodline

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UPDATES WILL BE ADDING SOON.  We have a few other Salmon Aby X breedings that need to be listed!  

Aby Bloodline, what we know so far....


The Aby bloodline came about several years ago when Rich Ihle bred two very nice normal appearing Colombians together. There were 22-24 babies in the litter if I remember right, and two of them were very different. These two were very dark, very aberrant and had nice long laddertails. The remaining part of this litter was very colorful and very pink. These were called his PC or Pink Colombian bloodline. The Aby sisters had not yet been named.

When I was doing some work for Rich back in 2000 he offered me one of the sisters as he new every time I was there, they were some of my favorite Boas in the building. I did not think they were genetic at the time as I was just very happy to have a very aberrant boa I had had my eye on for over a year. I was happy with being able to take one home and named her 'Aby', obviously short for aberrant.

In 2001 I bred her to an imported male Colombian I had for a while and got a very nice litter of 14 babies. Out of the 14 babies there were 4 that were striped about the last 1/3 of their body. All the babies however had great color with orange from the father and pinks form the mother.

Now in 2004 I had two litters from two of the 2001 F1 Aby females I had produced. The first female was bred by an unrelated male Salmon and yielded me some outrageously striped and aberrant Salmons and Normals. Some of these babies could rival some of the nicest Salmon Jungles! The other female Aby was bred by one of her brothers, a 2001 F1 Aby male. I had a very small litter of 4 in which 1 did not make it, but the other 3 still remain here with me. They did not have a ton of aberrancies, but did have some of the aberrant pattern the mother and grandmother showed.

In 2005 I bred the same male Salmon to the same Aby female to see if I could repeat the results. I got another nice litter of great looking Salmons and Normals with some aberrancies, but no full stripers this time. That season I also gave the original Aby female one last attempt at breeding and bred her to one of her 2001 F1 Aby sons. The breeding was not very successful, but did yield me one very nice baby. This baby was a close copy of the mother with a lot better color and did have her laddertail. This breeding in my opinion told me at least the laddertail trait was recessive. Needless to say I also still have her here with me!

This brings me to this 2007 breeding season. This season I bred a 2004 Salmon Aby male to an unrelated Salmon female. I had a nice litter of 27 babies with a total of 23 Salmons and 4 normals. None of the Salmons were very aberrant with a few having long striped tails. The color however was great and I would say they are the nicest Salmons I have produced yet. I am still waiting on two very important litters that will tell me even more about the genes at play. We are waiting on the two original 2001 F1 Aby females that are both gravid from 2004 Salmon Aby males. I would think that these two breedings should yield me the most aberrant of offspring yet. One female is due mid Aug with the other due at the end of Aug.

That is all the info I am able to offer as of now. I can tell you that we are very happy with this bloodline and can guarantee that it will make anything you breed to it better!

You can also read up on the 'PC' Bloodline from here:



- Great litter from Salmon Aby X Aby born 8/22/07 and the babies are off the charts.  Litter statistics & pics will be put up soon here on this page.   

- Another great litter from Salmon Aby X Aby born 9/5/07 and these babies are also just as outrageous as the previous litter above. 


Here is a list of the breedings that I and a few others have done with the Aby bloodline.  I have not kept them all, so I am sure there are others out there that have bred their Abys that I have not heard from......   

With the Abys I was able to find the outcomes with these following breedings.

Normal X Original Aby = This is the original breeding that gave me my F1 Abys that resulted in 1/4th of the litter being striped and aberrant.

Salmon X F1 Aby (x2) = This breeding was done twice by me resulting in similar outcomes. This is the breeding where my original Striped and aberrant Salmon Abys came from.

F1 Aby X F1 Aby = This breeding was also done by me with the results being a small litter with no obvious super form, but 4 very nice aberrant Boas.

Salmon Aby X F1 Aby (x2)= This breeding was also done twice this season by me with the results being outstanding with some very aberrant Boas.

Salmon Aby X Salmon = This breeding was also done by me this season and resulted in some great looking Salmons and Super Salmons with most having tail stripes, but none having any outrageous striping.

Salmon Aby X Unrelated Normal = This breeding was done this season by Steve Scroggs and resulted in some great looking babies with a couple 3/4 stripers. The female he used was not a plain normal, but did have some aberrancies and square saddles.

Aby (non-Salmon) X Normal = This breeding was done by David Morgan and also resulted in some great looking babies with some nice aberrancies. He did use a very aberrant Aby, but it was not a Salmon.

Hypo Harlequin X F1 Aby = This breeding was done by Bill Parks and resulted in some phenomenal offspring that were more of the zig zag pattern with amazing color!